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About Us

Vision Statement

A licean graduate complete with good values, excellent wisdom in a preferred field of expertise for services to the people.

Mission Statement

Liceo de Davao is a Filipino, non-sectarian, non-profit academic institution molding a community dedicated to the integral development of the whole person responsive to the needs of the locality, country and the whole world in general. As a true Filipino school, Liceo de Davao is committed to the preservation, development and love of Filipino culture and honor. It aims to educate individuals seeking for national progress in consonance with true human development in social, economic, political and spiritual aspects and equip them with relevant competencies based on regional jurisdiction.

For Service

As our objective, the school dreams of producing competent men and women for others who shall benefit and avail their talents and skills, especially the most unfortunate ones for the glory of God and Country.

For Values

With purified intent on sharpening literacy, cultural and religious activities, the school desires to inspire and activate Liceans to love beauty, truth and goodness.

For Wisdom

Through the selective composite method of instructions and extensive study of languages, science and humanities, the college visualizes development of skills and thoughts and expressions which are essential for maturity and leadership. With the aid of professional and research programs, the institution imparts the ideals of excellence in its graduates who shall eventually serve in their various professions.